We invest our time and money and work for you. It’s a Win Win

At TOP 40 STYLES™ we take our name and reputation very seriously because our success depends on it, we understand that in order to succeed all we need to do is to provide a better selection, better quality, and better customer service to our customers, our retail department gives us an advantage in putting together the best possible selection for each demographic area.

On the other hand our years of experience gives us the advantage on dealing only with the best importers and exporters of quality Sunglasses and Sunglasses Displays.

And our dedication to customer service gives us and our customers peace of mind and satisfaction    

Selling and having Fun

We never get tired of traveling and participating in Events and Festivals, every weekend at a different City different Event, having Fun while working, it can’t get any better then this. There is no better feeling then meeting our loyal customers who look forward to seeing us every year.

Working with great Event organizers and great Fun Loving People every weekend is a blessing.  

Great selection

Easy access Display

Working and enjoying Music

Sunglasses for Everyone

Sunglasses Display

We sell Sunglasses and Sunglasses Displays to Stores

We have been selling Sunglasses for more then 16 years

We travel all over California and Nevada and sell our Sunglasses at Events and Festivals

We also offer our Sunglasses with hang-tag and Displays on a consignment bases to Stores

We carry the most popular Sunglasses for  Men and Women in different categories such as Fashion, Sports, Driving and Polarized Sunglasses, all at a 100% UVA and UVB Protection

@400 UV. All our sunglasses are FDA compliant. In addition to having a great selection in styles and colors we also pride our selves for having only the best quality in the market.

TOP 40 STYLES™ is dedicated to serve the entire Central Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area and all areas in between.

In addition to great selection and good quality sunglasses, our Display’s open space design will help increase sales. We offer consignment programs for Sunglasses and Sunglasses Displays, call us. 209 527 0100    

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