What you might expect

These are some of the examples we want you to expect from us, because we don’t just follow the latest styles, we follow the trend and the popularity level of each style and each color of each style, some styles are popular in the entire Country, and some are popular just in some States, and some are very popular only in just certain limited geographical locations, this is where our experience in the retail market and market research in the greater Central Valley California and The San Francisco Bay Area can benefit you.

Let TOP 40 STYLES™ make your store the place to stop for Popular and cool sunglasses.


Stylish Fashion Sunglasses

Constantly changing styles makes it impossible for a store Owner or a Manager and even some wholesalers and distributors to keep up with the trend, but not for TOP 40 STYLES™ because we are always on top of it, we have direct contact with the consumer in all demographic areas, all ages, genders, different life styles and walks of life, this direct contact at point of sales gives us an advantage and ahead start over other sunglasses distributing companies.

At TOP 40 STYLES™ we always provide your store with quality top selling sunglasses at consignment.       

Latest Styles Men and Women Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses and Revo lens Sunglasses have been popular for some time, but the key to maximizing your sales on revo and aviator sunglasses is shape and quality, there is a saying in the sunglasses industry “not all sunglasses are created equal”, having this in mind we see that it’s not only the style that sale, it’s the shape, the mold, the quality of the material, the quality of the finish, all these are factors for the bottom line. This where we can help maximize your sales on Aviator Sunglasses and Revo Sunglasses. Get TOP 40 STYLES™ on consignment and let us work free for you, You Make $$$     

Aviator and Revo Sunglasses Popularity